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Our Board
Evolving Health Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation previously known as Inner Worlds Foundation, and originally began in 1988 as The Rowe Institute of Integrative Studies. The Rowe Institute of Integrative Studies, is the first Post Secondary Metaphysical University in California, and was founded by Ms. Vickie Rowe. Ms. Rowe provided post-secondary education specifically targeting holistic health and a wide array of healing arts modalities. 

Following in the originated intentions, Evolving Health Education, intends to continue educating through expanding options, choices and life decisions through the conscious evolution of individuals seeking wholeness on all levels and betterment of our Global World. 

Our board was connected with thought and purpose. Our members come from a diverse background, but still with a common thread that weaves us all together. Our personal, as well as professional backgrounds, provided the foundation to our beliefs, our concerns, our desires to serve, and overall passion to educate others about complimentary and alternative health and integrated medicine.Our board was connected with thought and purpose. Our members come from a diverse background, but share a common thread that weaves us all together. Our personal, as well as professional backgrounds, provided the foundation to our beliefs, our concerns, our desires to serve, and overall passion to educate others about complimentary and alternative health and integrated medicine.
Mrs. Ronney Aden, CEO
From my earliest memories I was the one asking the unusual questions. I was born ‘seeking’ and my search has never stopped. I have grown to know my gift is seeing ‘others’ potential and the quest to network and connect people is my passion.
Jo Madrid (JoMadrid.com) was instrumental in opening my path. Her work is so profound and I had the deepest desire to share her with the world! It began on a 5x7 sheet of paper, a flyer, and grew to a magazine with a circulation of 75,000.
I started Inner Words Magazine in 1987, and continued for 13 years. My intent was to connect people, tell their stories and share their wisdom. 
I am not sure the first time I heard the word synchronicity, however I do know I didn’t have any idea what it meant! Over the years I have learned that following your heart and synchronicity is all about the flow and development of where I am today. 
Inner Words magazine gave me the privilege of sharing talented people. This included writing, interviews, putting together workshops and seminars. I have had the honor to work with brilliant pioneers just beginning their careers to hosting Deepak Chopra at the Sacramento Convention Center, having Wayne Dyer with his family on the cover of the magazine, traveling to Egypt and working with Zahi Hawass, workshops with the sound master and acoustic brain specialist Tom Kenyon and so many others!
The focus of the magazine was to education in alternative modalities, complimentary medicine and wellness. 
I opened several other businesses over the years, a quilt and gift shop, and electronics business with my husband and a small catering company. I worked in the corporate world selling yellow page advertising for almost six years which expanded my marketing base. I have been a real estate agent, and am Certified in Reflexology with The American Academy of Reflexology (AmericanAcademyofReflexology.com), The Institute of Integral Handwriting www.iihs.com, and Results Now.
Currentlly, I am the CEO of Evolving Health Education 501 (c) 3. I have the vision of a combined medical model, fusing the best of our conventional models including technological medical advances with the unwavering success of ancient remedies, cultural modalities, alternative therapies and treatments, inner awareness and personal beliefs. The results of this education will give people choices, and expand more peace, harmony and love in the world.
In addition, I am utilizing my 13 year data base from publishing Inner Words magazine with a new on-line business, WorldwideWisdomDirectory.com. My intent is to provide a resource guide and event calendar so anyone, anywhere can be connected to professionals who can provide education, support and solutions for a better life for self, community and world!
My fortune is working with visionaries, like yourself – and the need for all of us to unite is critical in todays world. 
Mrs. Patty Rosser,  Director 

Mrs. Rosser is a Registered Nurse (RN), assisting in doing open heart surgery for 30 years. Mrs. Rosser, is author of At The Heart of Healing, and a Registered Nurse (R.N.), Entrepreneur, Patient Advocate, Impassioned Healthcare Activist,Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Educator for Ayurvedic medicine (Dr. Deepak Chopra trained),Therapeutic Touch Practitioner. With 30 years of experience as a registered nurse, Patty has held a variety of positions including Operating Room Manager in the Cardiac arena, and has worked extensively to help create an environment for healing and teamwork. Patty is Certified in many complementary practices, including Touch for Health, Ayervedic Medicine and Feng Shui. In the 1990’s she used Feng Shui in Sutter Hospital in the operating room and proved recovery time to improve by an amazing 50%. Patty’s daily routine at the hospital gives her opportunity to touch lives personally, and to give valid information to patients that they would not ordinarily have access to. Her book provides valuable insight into dealing with hospitals and patient care. 
Ms. Heidi Aden, Secretary

Ms. Aden was the former Assistant to the Publisher, Editor, graphic designer, event coordinator and accountant for Inner Words Magazine for over 7 years. Acquiring managerial and accounting skills while participating in family businesses, she brings forward over 25 years experience with office management, graphic design, accounting and customer service expertise. She is Secretary on the board for Inner Worlds Foundation, and served as a key event coordinator in the Dr. Deepak Chopra event coordination, as well as numerous other events sponsored and promoted by Inner Words magazine. 
When very young, Heidi was faced with medical challenges induced by a neglectful doctor. For years, almost on a daily basis, fighting infection and pain, Heidi along with her family, had experienced and endured the world of conventional doctors and prescription medicine. Driven to be “prescription free” and determined to discredit lifelong diagnosis, she has been able to experience life without a daily regime of infection and antibiotics. Through these experiences, Heidi believes, that by embracing the best of complimentary medicine, inner awareness and personal belief, the best results can be achieved. 

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Treasurer of Blending Excellence Foundation. Judy attended Long Beach City College, and University of Arizona. She handled the accounts receivable/payable departments for the families’ business, Engineering/Fabrication Company in Santa Fe Springs, CA. While raising her daughter, Judy was PTA Treasurer in elementary school and President of PTA during Junior High. Judy also served as Treasurer of our women's investment club. Judy worked at Inner Words Magazine doing everything from bottle washing to chief supporter in every area of the business!

She has been involved in all aspects of the Non-profit since its inception in 1997.

Ms. Judy Heimark, Treasurer
Ms. Carole Lee Cole,  Director

For over 30 years, Ms. Cole has been working with individuals and small groups, utilizing her many gifts, sharing insight to help guide you through life and assist you with your transitions. Carole presents a kind, nurturing approach for higher understanding and insight which we find calming and welcome her as our newest board member here with Evolving Health Education. 

Carole has studied with Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment, has years of Psychic training, attended numerous Astrology Conferences and study groups - studying everything from Symbology, Flower Remedies, Herbs, Vitamins, Nutrition, Exercise and Yoga to Dreams and Meditation. Carole advocates applying meaning to our experiences and to embrace change as a journey though this incredible life.